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Fibre Jewels

A collection of some of the fibre jewels made from stuff in my stash: When I was first trying free motion machine embroidery, I did small projects with mini “canvases” to find out how tension, thread weights, colours, bobbin thread, etc.  worked . I … Continue reading

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Following the Mark: Stitching an Eco Printed Vintage Refectory Cloth

When a local monastery moved away last year, the sisters had a garage sale. I collected some of their old kitchen and refectory linens,  woven by nuns of the order elsewhere in the world. Each linen  cloth is embroidered in a corner with inventory letters worked in tiny … Continue reading

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Eco printing again with eucalyptus: Golden Leaves!

 A review of my experiments with eucalyptus so far this Fall: In short, yellow rules!   A. 1. Left: Seeded Eucalyptus and Baby Blue 2. Centre: Silver Dollar (E. Cinerea, said the florist) 3. Right:  Silver Dollar E. plus Seeded E. B.1. Left: Silk … Continue reading

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Eco prints with the last of the green garden…

Today in Ottawa we had the first big snowfall:                  …but just yesterday I decided to gather some of the last “green” garden plant leaves before the serious cold arrives to carry them … Continue reading

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Eco prints with Fall leaves on dupioni silk

Fall leaves, starting with alder at 12 o’clock: Alder, Blackberry, Chokecherry, Cotinus Coggygria, Ginkgo, Japanese Maple, Sweet Gum. This is my principal print material this month. Cotinus coggyria, Japanese maple, Sweet Gum, blackberry, green carrot tops on silk dupioni, mordanted … Continue reading

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More eco prints on watercolour paper

Japanese Maple: green version! With a blue colour wash (left) from a Smokebush leaf. I prepared my watercolour paper by soaking it in 25% alum and water, then layering  leaves, dried petals, tea , etc. between two sheets  of paper … Continue reading

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Eco prints on silk with eucalyptus, Rooibos tea, Red Cabbage and fall leaves

This time my eco prints are on some longer pieces of silk charmeuse, silk and wool mixture (80-20) and a small piece of silk twill.  Two lengths of  silk – wool, 24″ x 100″ were pre-mordanted in 25% alum , and the charmeuse … Continue reading

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