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Eco Prints for a Midwinter’s Day

Hems that got ripped off in irritation when my stitching went awry (see previous post) are nevertheless not to be wasted. They present a fine  new challenge: components of a  new textile. E.g.  They might be inviting as silken woven nest materials for elegant and … Continue reading

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Stitching Eco Printed Textiles: Studio Notes 1

I have been preparing some of my silk and silk- blend textiles as shawls and scarves for my shows this December. But  my carpal tunnel and arthritis is acting up, thus sewing by hand will be torture for a while until it flares … Continue reading

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Eco Prints with Red Cabbage: Kinder Chemistry

A little fun with the Red Cabbage dye I cooked up for one of my recent silk-wool panels. The dye bath: One half of a red cabbage, chopped and simmered for an hour in my aluminum (Pot As Mordant) turkey … Continue reading

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Eco Prints on Silk-Wool Panels: Dyeing from the Stash

Once having printed successfully on paper with frozen plant material, I tried  it on textiles, a set of six silk-wool panels. Panel 1: Forest Floor Immersion dyed first in Red Cabbage (lavender-grey; fresh);  then eco printed with Blackberry leaves (dry), Rose leaves and Rose hips (from … Continue reading

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Eco Prints on Paper: Leaves out of the Freezer!

Can one print successfully with dried or frozen leaves?  Dye tradition says that certain dried plant materials will colour fabric, and India Flint documents successful colour extraction from frozen flowers.    For winter natural dyeing here in Canadian Zone 4 (Ottawa) , I have been drying plant … Continue reading

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