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Companions on the “Silk Roads”: Madder, Logwood and Osage Orange

Several recent eco-printed textiles (8 mm silk habotai) were inspired by the colours of this midwinter landscape, similar to “Silk Roads 6”, below: Silk Roads 5 Red cabbage, Ceylon tea and safflower: Some pretty greens happen with the safflower yellows and … Continue reading

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Eco Print Adventures with Dye Extracts and Associates

More trials with dried dyestuffs, regular and irregular, on 10 mm silk habotai and modified post-printing with iron.  1. Top: Osage Orange with madder (rich) Bottom: Ditto, modified with iron. 2. Left, Osage Orange, modified with iron, post-printing; Right, the same Osage Orange. … Continue reading

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Fun With Madder Dye Extract

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Eco Printing more “Silk Roads”

January 12, 2012 Outside the snow is falling and the dye garden is asleep: Inside, the studio consoles. I have a shipment from Maiwa, Vancouver (via Couleurs de Plantes, France):  a collection of powdered natural dye extracts, mostly colours I cannot obtain  from my … Continue reading

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Eco Prints with Eucalyptus on Paper, Silk and Wool

I had heard that sometimes soaking eucalytpus leaves for a while before printing can help to release the colours into the paper or textile, so over the busy-busy-busy Christmas holidays I left  some plant material to soak  in water in separate containers … Continue reading

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