A big secret…

Sorry to say that my computer has crashed with all my pics on it! it will take some time to recover that data. For sure i will be back with pics of my latest projects. one of which is the wedding canopy for my daughter and her beloved who will be married in NY this May. I will be eco printing the canopy. Now the finished product can only be reveealed on the wedding weekend so I will not be able to show the Big Secret all over web! But I will post about the plants I am using to represent the heritage and shared values of the bridal couple: in another post I will tell yiu a bit about thzt and owuld love it if you had any insights to share. Together they come from. Canadian, Scottish, Jewish, Israeli, Catholic, English, Viking , Hebrew cultural roots…and now they have their own new sets of shared values to honour.

And Love binding them sll together

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