Eco printing the chuppah 3

Blues in several shades print the thirty-six foot square area of the canopy top. Red cabbage bundled in silk organza is the source of blue, used twice toi make two bundles, so that the second panel of silk organza would print quite a bit lighter than the first, and taken together, would give a range of values from dark to light:



Of course, since organza is semi transparent, the Bride and Groom, on looking up as they enter under the canopy, might first have the sense of sky and light above them. The blue and white of the canopy alludes not only to the physical heavens but to a textile that is a sign of prayer going up to God. In the Torah, or Hebrew scriptures, God asks His people to make a prayer shawl in these colours and wear it as a sign of their listening to His Word always. In modern times, the Israeli flag’s colours also capture these symbols.

Blue eco prints in process: Red Cabbage bundled in silk organza over copper pipe.


Next time: some more eucalyptus prints, these ones from Israel where eucalyptus has settled itself in so well that many Israelis do not realize the tree is not native. I am not sure of the variety whose prints I have taken but I am guessing eucalyptus camaldulensis which is widely planted .


About wendyfe

I am a fibre artist working in mixed media textiles with a focus on vintage cloth reworked with stitching, natural dyeing, eco printing and rust printing . My work can be seen at
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