Eco prints for the Chuppah

I have begun printing silk organza to add to the stash of eco printed fragments that I plan incorporate into the wedding ceremony canopy (chuppah) for my daughter and her beloved when they marry this May.

Daughter loves yellow – she was wearing long yellow gloves when she and her Beloved knew they were in love and admitted it.

Thank you, India Flint, for sharing your knowledge about eucalyptus dyes. This print is made with Silver Dollar eucalyptus. I have no idea why some of the leaves printed yellow and some orange. I have read that eucalyptus gives different colours even from the same tree. These dried leaves are from the florist and he says he gets them from California.

About wendyfe

I am a fibre artist working in mixed media textiles with a focus on vintage cloth reworked with stitching, natural dyeing, eco printing and rust printing . My work can be seen at
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2 Responses to Eco prints for the Chuppah

  1. Mugdha Sapte says:

    That is wonderful work! I myself am experimenting with techniques as inspired by India Flint. you can check my blog if you like
    It is nice to see that more and more people are adopting this beautiful and simple method to produce beautiful and versatile textiles.

    • wendyfe says:

      Mugdha !

      Thank you for your encouraging comments and especially for the link to your blog. I am going to enjoy myself a lot there – your work is gorgeous. Perhaps we eco print artists are really becoming a movement! I love the stitching on your pieces.

      As for spring..we are on the snowdrop watch…I am going out daily to look for them…nit yet, but I have seen two robins, another of our most reliable harbingers.

      Thank you again for telling me about your work


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