Eco prints for wedding guests

Just a few days to go before the wedding …Chuppah Day is May 6!

The Bride is making up little Loot Bags to greet the wedding guests, with fun contributions from sundry friends and family.

For the cause, I am donating my stock of stitched and eco printed greeting cards…about six dozen. This is still the year of stash busting! The cards were fun to make, especially with eco printed watercolour paper, cut to fit a greeting card window. The stitched cards have always been a favourite way to limber up in the studio…no planned designs, just playing with colours and textures using fragments left from finished works to make tiny artwork – see a selection below:

The eco prints below were made Fall 2011:





Fig leaf print

Before leaving for NYC, I had to cut back my indoor fig:


What to do with the fig cuttings? Why, layer them over silk velvet and silk noil them with fermenting (three months) eucalyptus:

On silk velvet:


On silk noil:


The euc gives up its colour right away:

The two were bundled, wrapped in plastic and left outside in a wee portablevgreenhouse to solar dye until I get back. We will see if steaming or immersion dyeing will be needed to develop the colours.

Until next time



5 thoughts on “Eco prints for wedding guests

  1. Thanks for shearing , interesting process , have you an experience
    With cotton? Silk is very expansive for playing …

    1. Hi there!

      I agree, silk is expensive for experimenting. Look online for cheaper silk orvlookmin the thrift shops. My blog has details of my experience with cotton and linen on my pages written in summmer and fall 2011.

      Thanking you


  2. The cards are a lovely idea!!
    And having the fabric to come home to…..
    One of my daughters is getting married in September and I was thinking about bringing some mordanted silk pillowcases with me to Portland, and using the flowers from the wedding to dye them!

  3. Hi Just wondering…do you put any sort of mordant on the
    cloth??? Your cards are exquisite.

    1. Hi Judith

      Yes I mordant cloth, usually with alum, paper too. The cards are water colour paper.
      Check my blog for more details.

      Thanking you


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