Eco Printed Chuppah In Situ!

Oh, the delight! A paper chuppah complete with Bride and Groom! This adorable piece of fibre art was dashed off on the first evening party activity of the three day Wedding Camp(y) Fun and Games! ( I have yet to track down the name of the artist but when the Bride and Groom return from their Honeymoon, they will tell me and I will credit it it here.)

And here they are, post- chuppah, hamming Gothically for the photoprapher, CLY Creations:

Soo…getting back to The Other Reality now that the wedding is over, NYC has been navigated sans GPS (oy) and the overseas visitors have gone back home…boo hoo:

Just a short, quick post today to update my Eager Readers (thank you for the “pokes”!) I am sorting through the photos – the many, many photos, thanks to Facebook postings…Meantime, here is just one of the chuppah in place before the ceremony. Guests were asked to hold pics until after the ceremony – and as as Mother of the Bride I was forbidden to shlep my camera about! The weather was cool and a tad wet so we had to set the chuppah up inside a covered structure overlooking the lake . Thus the pics came out rather dark but the breeze stirred the ribbons beautifully, causing them to float about all during the ceremony.

Guests gathering and awaiting the entrance of the Bride and Groom brought to the Chuppah by their parents.

Next post: Chuppah, wedding fascinators, fibre art table decorations, dandelions, purple shoes, NYC texture, a bridal bouquet (to eco print? The groom was allergic to the flowers especially the hyacinth) and some eco bundles left to marinate while I was gone in the Big Apple





About wendyfe

I am a fibre artist working in mixed media textiles with a focus on vintage cloth reworked with stitching, natural dyeing, eco printing and rust printing . My work can be seen at
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One Response to Eco Printed Chuppah In Situ!

  1. Chimo says:

    Good to hear that all went well – but sounds like you’ve been busy busy before, during and since the wedding. Looking forward to seeing more detailed photos of your amazing chuppah. This one picture does not give its due justice. Enjoy the quiet for a bit …

    Jennifer Cooper

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