Botanical Scrolls – continued

Some more images of the “Forest Floor ” scrolls.

Sweet Gum Scroll


Detail of Sweet Gum with Seeded Eucalyptus companion



Eucalyptus Scroll – details



Another Eucalyptus Scroll


Sweet Gum Scroll (above) – idetail, with Eucalyptus Cinerea


I like the idea that a scroll is a handmade repository of knowledge and experience, viewable as a cumulative whole that can display from the start to the finish of the record.

In an odd way, scrolls remind me of favourite childhood comic books where you could take in every phase of the visual narrative in one look if you chose, images and text. Or a whole page of a text if you are speed reading, looking at the arrangement of written marks as a you might look at an image whose meaning you want to discover.





About wendyfe

I am a fibre artist working in mixed media textiles with a focus on vintage cloth reworked with stitching, natural dyeing, eco printing and rust printing . My work can be seen at
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7 Responses to Botanical Scrolls – continued

  1. Gabi Boehm says:

    I like this idea and,yes,remind me what we did as well as children,when we painted a huge picture ,favourable at the wall…haha….did you print on silk or cotton?
    We are here in Cyprus busy now to prepare a masterclass with Vilte and Irit Dulman,starting tuesday….excited!
    I like your blog!

    • wendyfe says:

      Thank you, Gabi!

      I am envious of your masterclass in Cyprus! I simply adore Irit’s work. Maybe one of these days I can be a student too. In Ottawa, we of course do not have seawater for mordanting.

      I very much like your comparison between scrolls and childhood paintings, where all aspects of the story are depicted on a huge long substrate…like a Bayeux tapestry…A scroll lets you see the whole narrative or design at once in one place…Hmm…maybe like the meaning of our lives! We get carried away by the details of life or the narrow focus of the moment…when really, satisfaction and peace come from looking at the whole and allowing every mark to have its place.


  2. wendy says:

    Sorry Gabi – I forgot to answer your question about the fabric. The scrolls are printed on silk – habotai, silk broadcloth and dupioni. I have one made in linen from the tablecloth holding the wine used under the chuppah at my daughter’s wedding ceremony. The linen is printed with rusty old irons (symbolizing many things…) and the roses strewn by the children around the chuppah.

  3. Diane says:

    Ever so beautiful. Pieces like this have me thinking about trying my hand at aco dyeing……

    • wendyfe says:

      Do not wait aminute longer! Get a good book or two about basic dyeing techniques – see tbe refs on my blog for starters – and then throw caution and perfectionism to the winds. Bring more beauty to your life with eco prints!

      I am hooked, as you can see, Diane!


  4. inselfrau says:

    Wendy,you can see some pics at FB Gabi Boehm or Irit and Viltes sites…was a huge success,very tirering..haha,in july!!!!!!but the group,truely international,even from Iceland and USA….was great.We had a lot of fun as well and the medit.sea in front of the hotel….I believe we do it again,so,may be you come next time to join ?Gabi

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