Botanical Scrolls

For my show “Forest Floor” I have created a series of botanical “scrolls” with eco printed fabrics. Each scroll displays Latin plant names stitched alongside printed and gold foiled leaves. Here are some of the scrolls:

Sweet Gum Scroll



Eucalyptus Scroll detail


Another Eucalyptus Scroll


Blackberry Scroll detail



Japanese Maple and Smokebush Scroll with details


Cotinus (Smokebush)


Geranium Scroll.

The orangey colour comes from lichen – parmelia saxatilis.


Another Sweet Gum Scroll – detail. Eucalytpus companions.


About wendyfe

I am a fibre artist working in mixed media textiles with a focus on vintage cloth reworked with stitching, natural dyeing, eco printing and rust printing . My work can be seen at
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20 Responses to Botanical Scrolls

    • wendyfe says:

      Thank you, Julie!
      One day I will post about the wedding textiles I made as a result of your inspiring advice, to take some PFP fabrics and use them for printing from the wedding blooms. I have saved the Bride’s bouquet and the Groon’s boutonier!


      • I look forward to seeing the photos!
        My eco printing is all on the back burner for a month or so… broken arm 😦
        But hopefully everything will be back to working properly by the time of my daughter’s wedding, so I can make her pillowcases!

      • wendyfe says:

        Oooo, too bad about the srm, Julie. I totally empsthise snd sympathise. My eco printing is also only on the simmer this summer. My daughter has moved, we also are preparing to sell the house, plus my husband has broken his arm, the garden is suffering from severe drought conditions and in need of careful watering…thus the sorting, tossing and shlepping (and helping to sort, shlep and toss) is rdicslly slowing down the new eco print art…I am afraid the new stuff is being done in my head!

        I look forward to your wedding textiles! Thank you for the cheers and the update!


  1. arlee says:

    Wendy, i love that you added a TINY bit of glitz—that little element makes them more treaure-like

    • wendyfe says:

      Hi Arlee,

      Tell me please how you have time to support your Blog Buddies when you are producing like a maniac out out there in the Badlands! Loved that post.

      Your work ethic is inspiring and exemplary. Work on the work, work brings results…so true.
      Advice from Monet(or was it Renoir? Anyway…) “Only start” – I say that to myself when I have no idea where to start and feel like running away…


  2. Darcy Berg says:

    Nicely done. I love the dimensional effect from the layers. Colors are pleasing. Nice touch of gold.

  3. connie rose says:

    Wow, Wendy…these are magnificent!

  4. So beautiful, Wendy. It will be a stunning show!

    • wendyfe says:

      Thank you, Karen.
      Dear Readers, check out Karen Goetizinger’s gorgeous work! She will be showing in an adjacent gallery to “Forest Floor”. Her installation is entitled “A State of Transparency”

  5. Chimo says:

    Absolutely beautiful – clever to add the bit of gleam with the foiling. Are you a SAQA member? You might consider entering their latest jury call re Nature.


  6. Glenis says:

    These are lovely ,particularly with the gold highlights.As a fellow Eco printer and ex horticulturalist ,I especially like the inclusion of the Botanical names
    Here in my Australian garden my liquidambers ,(sweet gums),are nearly naked but I might just take a walk and see what’s lying around on my bit of “forest floor”!
    I’m certain your exhibition will be a huge success and look forward threading about it….

    • wendyfe says:

      Thank you, Glenis

      I am making a study of botanical scrolls so as to take further the idea of printing and stitching. Let me know if you have any favourite horticultural sites that show scrolls for botany. What I love about the really obvious scientific ones is that the hand of the maker is obvious. I enjoy tne irregular handwriting, the sometimes oddly different scales in the text and the illustrations, the seemingly distribution of plant parts across the field of the page…obsession with “focal point” in the design not always in evidence. A more or less random patterning instesd, as in abstract painting. Such freedom!

  7. dyefeltsool says:

    Beautiful idea Wendy. The bit of shimmer really makes it special. And I love the inclusion of the names. My husband and I have started finding and photographing tree leaves, fungi etc for identification but your’s is a such a creative, artistic way of doing it. Hope you have a wonderful show!

    • wendyfe says:

      As a mad gardener, I suppose it inevitable in a way that the idea of making a botanical scroll would surface…once I had made the textiles, I let them sit a long time before working with them…I had in mind something direct and simple, rsther like the eco print process…Stitching the names and making a simple leaf print in gold leaf (pun intended…) were the layering options that appeared to bring the most meaning and to complete the piece…after that, it was a small step to describing the results
      as scrolls…I love the science of it all, this eco dye biz, even though I am not trained in botany or biology…but my background in linguistics is always drawing me to the artistic use of patterning with words and words as part of visual patterns

      I will continue to explore the scroll idea from different angles. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences…looking forward to studying your Chem. 101..thank you for that, too. FYI, Paula Burch’s site has a mass of chem info on dyeing – she has a Ph D in dye chem

      A la prochaine!


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