Forest and City in Fibre

“Forest Floor”, my exhibit of ecoprinted and embroidered art cloth and “A State of Transparency”, Karen Goetzinger's white organdy sculptural panels and constructions are complementary installations in adjoining galleries at the Shenkman Arts Centre in Ottawa. Thanks to curator Mike Taylor for an inspired pairing of installations exploring two artists' themes and approaches to textiles as art.

Here is some video footage along with some stills. We beg you to be indulgent, dear viewers – these are our first attempts at filming and editing!

Forest Floor


A few detail stills of “Forest Floor”

“Earth and Heaven” (rust printed and embroidered vintage linen panel on black wool). Slashed and torn.




“Marigold” panel. Eco printed silk. Embroidered, burned, gilded.


“A State of Transparency” – Karen Goetzinger.

An ideal city, lit from within, communicating a humanizing warmth and purity.

A movie of the installation is coming (I hope!) Some stills meantime:



Until next time.




About wendyfe

I am a fibre artist working in mixed media textiles with a focus on vintage cloth reworked with stitching, natural dyeing, eco printing and rust printing . My work can be seen at
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8 Responses to Forest and City in Fibre

  1. Chimo says:

    Even more wonderful than I had imagined – I love the size and floating nature of your work. Beautiful.


    • wendyfe says:

      Thank you, Jennifer. BTW, I updated my dye plant page using my computer not my iPad. My post was hotlinked out to sites that use words like “love”, “companion” and “passionate” –all words appearing on my site…gotta teyand nip that nasty worm inthe bud but meantime please excuse the unwanted ads linked to myblog…

      O the http://www...


  2. Very beautiful. I wish I could wander around to see everything up close. Really great looking show!

  3. Judy Miller says:

    Absolutely beautiful, reminds me of my child sense of fairy land!

    • wendyfe says:

      Thanks Judy!
      Do your Mapusha weavers have access to protein fibres like silk or wool for eco prints? Or mostly cellulose, i.e. linen or cotton?


  4. gonerustic says:

    I have just discovered you and your wonderful textile art – I love it! I used to live near Toronto,but now live in Australia, otherwise I’d have made sure I went to see your exhibition … =D

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