Eco printed book covers

The covers of the Flag Book are glued down and with books and bricks, put under pressure to flatten them.

The Flag Book, an informal structure invented by book artist, Hedi Kyle, is understandably popular! It is such fun! Thanks to Hedi's generosity, it has been freely adopted and creatively adapted. The one I have created as a practice piece is a basic form that encloses three rows of manila and watercolour paper tags (” flags”), two rows unfolding to the right and fhe third (centre) row, unfolding to the left. The tags record information about the textiles in my show “Forest Floor”. Using up my stash in many ways!

After flattening: the inside covers or end papers (made from eco printed canvas) enclose the three rows of “flags”:

Below: The front covers and the accordion spine, seen from the back.

Some of the tags in the the centre row (see above) are cut from eco printed papers.

I cut all the centre tags slightly narrower than the manila tags in so that they would pop out easily from between the two rows of “flags”. I attached three 22″ lengths of accordion- folded drawing paper with strips of (nearly invisible ) adhesive-backed paper hinge tape. The wrapping tie was sandwiched between the front cover and the inside covers, then glued with PVA:

The book with wrapped with cord : I have to learn how to fold the signatures evenly!

Cover, cord and closure details: rose leaf print, braided machined cords, mother-of-pearl button.

Rose leaf prints on 140 lb water colour paper. The purple-blue spot is chokecherry fruit colour that soaked through from the papers on the next layer in the stack.

The last image is of the second cover: contact prints from rose leaves and chokecherry fruit. Note the colours of the contact print as compared to the print that arrived by dye leaking from the papers above.

The tiny cherry pit served to emboss the paper- like the dead rose-eating beetle shown in a previous image!

7 thoughts on “Eco printed book covers

    1. Brain working overtime on how many different forms a book can take…it seems to be about making textile art one must touch …a book being for the hands, heart, mind and soul

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