Flag Book Fun

Practice continues…this time I folded the accordion a bit better and lined up the tags more evenly. Good lighting helps! And not after midnight, no matter how desperate I am to create…

Raw materials for this flag book are two beaten up (thrift store) wee books about Thomas the Train Engine, my three-year old grandson's fave.

The book covers (reversed) and some of the salvageable pictures ( no text) were glued onto small manila labels, as reported in the previous post. The middle row of tag “flags” was trimmed a tad to make them fit between the upper and lower rows. The endpapers are 140 lb watercolour paste papers with a wiggly train track motif. The endpapers enclose the last panels on each end of the accordion, glued in place with PVA and pressed overnight under books and bricks.

Now the pics:

Inside the book:

Book closed, covers visible. I used the insides of the original book covers. The flags stick out beyond the edges of the covers. And why not?

With the upper and lower rows of flags pointing to the viewer:


Close up of the end paper: traditional paste paper decorated with acrylic paint mixed with cooked corn starch and combed to give the “train track” pattern. Thick watercolour paper strengthens the covers and traps the last panels of the accordion securely:

Well it is Rosh Hashanah this weekend! A sweet new year to all my readers!

Circled accordion shows the backs of the flags:

It is fun trying out different ways to display the book!

I made the book readable from many angles so you have to turn the flags this way and that. And why not.

Next, two more flag books for two more grandchildren. And two more for Nana. As I said this is way too much fun…





5 thoughts on “Flag Book Fun

  1. A sweet year to you, too, Wendy! I have recently discovered your blog and all the eco-print and other treasures here! My entry to fiber arts and felting started with paper arts and a fascination with little books! I look forward to where you go with the books! Fun!

    1. Love your fibre adventures, too, Ginny! Amazing how we end up where we end up when following threads, so to speak. I very much like your little quote in your earlier post about why our heads are round..ha ha! You colours and textures are so very inviting!
      I like the combo of book and textile because on is invited to touch – a book s for the hands as well as for head and heart

      Thank you for telling me about your work


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