Book, Line and Sinker…

Accordion Book entertainment is irresistible.

Two more Flag Books contain the tags from my eco prints last year.

Inside the three Flag books:

Tags from manila labels and from my eco printed papers. End papers from paste papers and eco printed paper and canvas.

Flag Book covers with ties:

Books standing and lying:




And some books for the grandchildren: accordion structures, with photos, stickers, and “flags” affixed, multiple shapes possible. Watercolour paper painted by the children and saved by their Nana, then cut up to use as accordion book pages created with photos, stickers, flags, recycled papers, ribbons, cords, buttons and more paints and crayons. The reverse of these accordions are intended for children to paint more layers on, add more stickers…

Various wraparound cord/ribbon ties with buttons or knots as closures on my eco tag Flag Books. Attached at the spine, at one fore edge or both.



12 thoughts on “Book, Line and Sinker…

  1. All delightful! Love the prints of course, the accordions and the way they are constructed; also the layers—using grand childrens’ watercolo(u)rs and leaving rrom for them or tohers to do more mark making/printing…

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