Eco Print and Natural Dye Sampler Book – done!

The medium is the message!

My sampler book illustrates and describes aspects of my processes for eco dyeing and printing on fabric and paper. Dye printed fabrics and papers make up both form and content of the book.

Now my sampler “pocket” book has its covers, endpapers, “flags”, text, inserts and closure.

Covers are made with dye and paste printed 140 lb watercolour paper (madder, cochineal and logwood)

Back Cover

Front Cover

End papers: Logwood paste paper, embossed with a wood block:

“Flags” made from fragments of eco printed and dyed silk samples, inserted into the inner accordion spine by sewing with waxed linen thread:

An array of eco dyed silk flags printed with madder, logwood and cochineal:

The signatures sewn to the spine are intended for images of the dyes and for text and images about them. There are enough pages for me to keep adding info as it appears useful for my records. I transferred inkjet printed images from a transparency to silk organza using Purell! Then cut out the silk organza images and fused them to the book pages. R to L: Cochineal insect, chemical structure of logwood, logwood plant. (…partially successful with the Purell transfer- will keep working on that technique! … No close-ups, ha ha)
The pocket inserts below are constructed from a large sheet of eco print leftover paper fragments, glued on to a thinner paper background and cut to size, 2″ x 4″ approx. The back of each printed insert records my handwritten info about the print:
The sampler closes with a machined-cord tasseled tie attached to each cover. I used the same red waxed linen thread as for the bindings. For the ties, I punched a hole in each cover with a screw punch ( from Lee Valley Tools. Martha Stewart makes a decent one, too )


Last looks at my newest toy!

Inside the book showing paste paper pockets, sewn signatures, eco dyed/printed silk flags and paper inserts:

And the outside of the book, showing covers, ties and madder-printed accordion spine:

Next posts: Stash Busting!

1. Back to the textile stash! I am recovering a chair with my collection of needlepoint canvases from the sallyann.

2. And a new Artist Book about my stash of rust printed papers, linens and cottons

A bientot!



16 thoughts on “Eco Print and Natural Dye Sampler Book – done!

    1. Gabi,

      Thank you! It was interesting to to make because the design eveloped gradually – a finished book was not in my mind. This problem-solution approach is exciting but it has its drawbacks!


    1. Elena
      Looking at the work with my own eyes and close up, I am tempted to see only the problems whose solutions came only part way to resolving the questions.

      Perfectionism always wants a fight with the artist! Humility comes to the artists’s defence with the viewpoint of another artist, and a generous one. Thank you for that.


    1. Signora La Griccia!

      Thank you. I have to confess that the challenge of bookmaking has recently taken my thoughts captive. Sleeping is now just a nuisance!


  1. This is stunning. A huge amount of work but absolutely a treasure.
    I always love coming for a visit 🙂

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks, Velma! So many “samples” created, one needs to rack one’s brains for ways to incorporate them into ones art if they did not start out as elements in a design. I appreciate learning what others might do with their own stash of samples, experiments, flops, etc


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