The Story Chair

My stash of vintage needlepoints has a new life! Every stitched panel with so many old stories and many new ones to come.

I was thinking of the hands that embroidered the canvases and of First Daughter who will curl up on it with her son to read and make up stories together.

To make the upholstery fabric, I cut preshrunk muslin to fit the cushions and applied fusible web. I cut up the embroideries (I took a deep breath and just went to it…) and fitted the pieces onto the muslin to make reversible cushion covers. Then I ironed the pieces onto the muslin-fusible. I stitched all the pieces down to the muslin first with a straight stitch around each one, then with a wide, close zigzag to connect the pieces and to fill in any little gaps between them. Hook and Loop tape was inserted into one of the gussets and (purchased) heavy black piping cord around all. Leftover pieces will find their way into art books!

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10 thoughts on “The Story Chair

  1. What a gtrea idea, the chair is fabulous. I have a number of handstitched needlepoint made in a previous life, this is a very clever way to give them life.

  2. You are such a wonderful mom …a treasured heirloom has now been created. Super idea and exceptional design and completion.

    1. Dunno about that, Jennifer….one does one’s best and waits for what they will write on the gravestone, ha ha…”She showed up” ? (As a manager of volunteers one time I suggested this as a fitting tribute to our most difficult “helper”) Ever compose a quote for your own headstone?

    1. The chair is a metaphor for integration. I feel. Piia. We gather companions and stuff on our life’s pilgrimage, and they gather us…The thing is, we can make room for, or make something of, everything

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