October Eco Prints on Paper

The leaves are falling fast – only a few short weeks remain for collecting them freshly-Fallen. Here is a selection of prints I made during October plus one or two from LAST October, 2011, overprinted as “what-ifs”

Sweet Gum leaves over last falls's cotinus. After a year, the cotinus have faded a little, but mostly with blues having become grey-blues.

Japanese Maple, Oak and Chokecherry (prunus virginiana). This fall, the Japanese Maples gave not only blues, greens and greys but lilacs and even rose-lilac.

FYI re the colours in the photos: Shot RAW, edited for size and converted to jpgs, emailed to my iPad ( it hates RAW) and “enhanced” (as usual). The colours are still truly lovely face to face, never mind the editing.

Another “retrouvailles” print: a 2011 cotinus acts as ghostly backdrop to Maple (acer saccharum), new Cotinus, Purple Sandcherry (those darkly characteristic ripples)and Japanese Maple. Not sure which variety. Some of the old Cotinus prints “washed” browns over the surface.

A fresh oak print, not long in the steamer, gave the “sketched line” and blotchy spots-look here. That print was overprinted (i.e., steamed again with new leaves) with Japanese Maple (teal green) and a smidge of Red Cabbage for some trusted blues. Experience is beginning to allow me to predict a few colours and thus to inform my manipulations of plant, heat, mordant (alum or iron so far) and process time. So one work tom obtain a set of complementary and/ or harmonising elements in the prints – line, form, colour, value, light/dark, etc.

A twice-printed and multi-layered piece. The Cotinus in ghostly attendance on the left and behind the Sweet Gum, with deep, dark greens and teals of Chokecherry in the forground. Layered sketch-like drawn lines are from weakly printing Maple.

Rainbows of Sweet Gum

Storm of light and colour on a folded sheet of 140lb watercolour paper.

Deep Purple Sandcherry makes dark green over yellow Maple prints. Papers all well soaked in alum acetate before steaming.

Sandcherry and Chokecherry, prunus galore – and a Cotinus print as canvas.

From August -September this year: two salvias, Scarlet Sage (pink) and Salvia Officinalis (chartreuse)

O, Sumac! So useful, so beautiful. Brilliant red leaves printed green on a dull brown eucalyptus print from fall 2011. Unbelievable dye development- the brown eucalyptus dye in the paper turned orange. How about that for Slow Fibre!

A Sumac print as it emerged on the other sheet in a paper sandwich, with Sweet Gum, Sandcherry, Chokecherry – and companions!

Sweet Gum, Cotinus, Maple

Japanese Maple and Sweet Gum

Sweet Gum, Cotinus in layered prints, twice steamed.

Sweet Gum and Japanese Maple.

That is it for this collection!

I am off to New York City next week to visit NewlyWed Daughter for a week! I am very excited and wondering how best to spend my time there…suggestions welcome!

Not sure about next blog post – maybe about the Highline? i am desperate to see that garden above the tarmac. And the dye plant garden in Brooklyn. And of course, the NY Center for the Book Arts. And…And…And…

Happy All Saints Day! We North Americans have a new saint: Kateri Tekakwitha, named Patron of Ecology along with Francis of Assissi. Eco printers have their own saint besides Al Gore

Thanks for reading


About wendyfe

I am a fibre artist working in mixed media textiles with a focus on vintage cloth reworked with stitching, natural dyeing, eco printing and rust printing . My work can be seen at www.wendyfeldberg.ca.
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15 Responses to October Eco Prints on Paper

  1. Terriea says:

    All amazing prints. The two salvias with scalet sage is particularly like water color painting. Have a good time in CYC with daughter.

  2. Ginny Huber says:

    A says Terrie: all amazing prints! I love your layering and colors. Re; NYC: Botanic garden and Highline will be great; hope the subways are fully operable by the time you go..if your newly wedded daughter doesn’t live near water she should be OK and likely you will be walking a few inches off the sidewalk in glee of being there with her!

  3. Astounding work Terrie!! You are a constant source of inspiration!

  4. Wendy! They all are so, so, so! Beautiful, colorful, amazing!


    Thank you for sharing this mighty inspiring collection, and demonstrating the depth of the Natural Printing possibilities on the Paper!

    Hats off! Wendy, you are my guide, as usually!


    • wendyfe says:

      The sharing in this active eco printing community is moving our joint knowledge forward, thst is certain. It is typical of creatives to learn a process and straight away begin to adapt and individualize it. I think we are seeing mucho adaptation in this field initially popularized by India Flint but now moving in many forward directions.

  5. Susana Peñaloza says:

    Gracias por la generosidad de compartir las inquietudes y hermosos resultados, un abrazo desde Chile. Susana

  6. Diane says:

    These all are truly beautiful. You are an inspiration!

  7. Wowzers. That is so cool!

  8. gonerustic says:

    So beautiful … I could look at them all day! =D

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