Artist Gifts

Seems like a good time to share with you some gifts I have received this season.

First is a little book made by two book artists in the Ottawa Valley chapter of CBBAG (aka “Cabbage” or the Canadian Bookbinders' and Book Artists' Guild ).

Stephen and Gayle Quick own Weathervane Press. This year, as in years past, they have presented their CBBAG colleagues with the gift of a tiny book as a Christmas Keepsake.


This year, the book is a collection of Aesop's Fables. Stephen created the linocuts and set the type:


The last few pages tell about the making of the book:

The paper used to cover the book is from Lee Valley Tools in Ottawa.

See the Weathervane Press at

A second gift I am sharing is news about the work of friend and colleague, artist and teacher, Karen Goetzinger. Readers in Australia and New Zealand, this is to let you know that Karen will be offering classes in your neck of the woods in 2013. Karen is an award winning artist and teacher, also an SDA and SAQA member.

Karen's info: – Australia – New Zealand

Next post:

I will have details of my show in the U.K. In March 2013 – I will be in the Cotswolds near Stroud, Cirencester

and Cheltenham for an international show of printmaking. I will be showing eco prints and offering a Master

Class in making prints like this:

I will also have details of an art residency I will be doing in 2013, also related to eco prints.

Have a blessed Christmas!




8 thoughts on “Artist Gifts

  1. You have indeed generous friends …what a stunning gift…..and you’ll be in a beautiful part of the country in the UK when visiting in March

    Just wanted to say as a fellow eco-printer how much I enjoy reading of your progress and experiments ..this is whats its always about.

    Look forward to hearing about your residency in 2013 and in the meantime wish you and yours a Wonderful Christmas and a Healthy,Happy and Productive New Year


  2. Artistic gift ! How wonderful to have your show in Gloucestershire, The most beautiful region I’ve been. Your prints are magic from nature ! Wish I were there again. Have a festive season. Merry Christmas from Hong Kong.

  3. What a beautiful gift! Thank you Wendy for sharing the info about my workshops July 2013 in AU and NZ! A generous posting. Wishing you a most blessed Christmas and a Happy Birthday! 🙂

    1. Hope all you Oz and NZ readers will check out Karen’s beautiful work! If you need to move to a new level, to the next step with your art, and are not quite sure of the direction, Karen can point you on your happy way!


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