Ooops!!! Lost Post on eco printed Artist Book pages!

Sorry but it seems I have deleted the post I wrote yesterday about my Artist Book and the Clamshell case. Here is ” Local Colour” meantime. I was inspired by arlee's nerine …plus have cabin fever a bit, longing for some green….

I will try to recreate the Lost Post – It was a little history of my first eco print and how that printed textile ended up as the covers in an Artist Book.

May I offer you some eye candy meantime? This is a collection of images of leaves I live with:

To remind myself that I like sewing and other kinds of printing: this is a free motion and hand stitched morsel on transfer- printed polyester, mounted on painted canvas, 6″ x 6″. I do wee textiles like this when I need to stitch either when I do not have a Big Idea in mind or when taking a break from the Big Project. It is a great stash buster, too. For this one, I simply patched a few fragments together and stitched on them

Detail of same. I like making the seeding stitch. Julia Caprara and Ilze Aviks have done wonderful pieces with just that one stitch. I challenge myself to stick to one or two things to focus on

Carob tree, started from seed. I am a maniac seed saver and seed starter…it will be 80 years approx before this babe grows a carob pod or locust bean which the fruit of the plant that John the Baptist and the Prodigal Son ate…it reminds to be patient while waiting for the fruit of my labours…Another of my embroidered paintings is on the wall behind the Carob.


The fig tree is finally sprouting. The textile on the wall behind it is by Lorraine Roy, Canadian fibre artist. She often uses trees and leaves as motifs in her work. She cuts up bits of fabric and traps them behind tulle to create a textured surface into which she then stitches.

Below are seedlings of Polygonum tinctorium, Japanese Indigo. I grew the plant from seed in pots last summer but was too busy to make the blue dye when the time was right. So I let them grow on and brought them inside, cutting them back a few weeks ago. They have self seeded in the pot!


These are pet Eucalyptus globulus with a few Silver Wattle (seeds from Richter's).

Slow growing for sure – these plants are almost a year old. Think I wIll get prints from them any time soon?

Hitchhikers…I dug up some red geraniums to bring inside and along with them came hyacinth, Star of Bethlehem and …????Looks like an Easter lily but it is very tall…

The geranium (pelargonium) gave no print at all hardly when I tried it on paper.

Back to the Lost Post!



About wendyfe

I am a fibre artist working in mixed media textiles with a focus on vintage cloth reworked with stitching, natural dyeing, eco printing and rust printing . My work can be seen at
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7 Responses to Ooops!!! Lost Post on eco printed Artist Book pages!

  1. Glenis Gray says:

    Hi Wendy

    Glenis Gray

    (07) 5445 7834

    0416 167672

    Finalist Stanthorpe Art Prize,Warwick Art Prize, Mayors Prize –Kenilworth Art Prize, RASGO, Moreton Bay Region Art Awards

  2. Glenis Gray says:

    Glenis Gray

    (07) 5445 7834

    0416 167672

    Finalist Stanthorpe Art Prize,Warwick Art Prize, Mayors Prize –Kenilworth Art Prize, RASGO, Moreton Bay Region Art Awards

  3. How frustrating to lose a long and important post. I had read it once but intended to go back… Nevertheless I have enjoyed the images on your replacement. I lost irreplaceable pages recently (using Blogsy but not sure where the fault drifted in) so I now ‘follow myself’ via email to ensure that an email version of the post is sent to me. I then file that copy separately.

    • wendyfe says:

      Thank you, Isabella! That is a terrific ides, so kind of you to suggest it. I shall do it right away.

      I am planning to write to Lance at Blogsy – he seems a very civil and helpful chap. What did I do wrong? Let me count the ways… I did get confused when the “update” button appeared top right, in place of the usual “publish”. I did not pay enough attention to how I got there and just ignored it. My next error was to press “update”. That action appears to have replaced my Artist Book post by the Walnut post. The overriding error is to have been doing that work far too late and long in the evening…My eyesight is no longer what is was…sigh….the mind makes appointmentts the body should not try to keep, ha ha


  4. That’s very interesting. I also had a Lance dialogue before I went campervanning in the wilds of Western Australia with iPad, Blogsy (and husband) back in October. Lance was really helpful and keen to help iron out Blogsy’s glitches before I went. My disappearing posts were to do with the update button and correcting an existing post, I think, but it’s impossible to retrace iPad steps to find out. I was often working off an telephone-connected router out in the bush and I have a feeling that poor signal occasionally messed up the communication: sometimes a post would only half upload. That left me with major questions. Some things seemed to have uploaded and others not. As we hadn’t managed to pack Lance into the rucksacks I still don’t know the answer….and I too was also working late at night, often totally exhausted. There are lessons for us both there, I think!

    • wendyfe says:

      That is great feedback, Isabella, and I thank you for it. I have sent comments to Lance with respect to our experiences with “update” – maybe he will recall the OZ traveller! Another friend has sent me a copy of the lost post but at this point, three times for that post will be a bit much! Your idea of subscribing to myself is great. A bientot!


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