O To Be Eco Printing In England!

Above: Rhus typhina (Staghorn Sumac), quintessential plant of the Canadian landscape, sometimes known as “the Railway Plant” because is grows so freely along rail road embankments from coast to coast. Its red candles were used by Native Peoples of Canada to make a lemony tasting drink. The whole plant gives yellow or yellow-green dyes. I use the fresh green leaves for tannins in the mordanting of cellulose fibres, as well as for contact printing on paper (above) and textiles. The red berries or “candles” (dried or fresh) print a beautiful range of reds and pinks on paper and silk.

I am off to Britain, my native land, next week. I will be an exhibitor, presenter and workshop instructor at a festival and symposium organized by the The Gloucestershire Printmakiing Cooperative. I'll be taking a little of Canada back with me in my prints and Artist Books – both native plants and green immigrants.

IMPRESS International Printmaking Festival.

The festival takes place in the Cotswolds at various locations in and around Stroud, Cheltenham and Cirencester. Britain, China, Cuba, Peru and Canada among others will be represented. I am looking forward to meeting the plants I know well in Canada but in their native or adopted territory! Almost all the plants I have used for my prints so far can and do also grow in England. (See my reference pages for more info about plants to use) It will be an adventure to see how some of those same plants print in an English spring instead of an Ottawa summer and fall!

The Ottawa Gatineau Printmakers Connective (OGPC) is sending work by seven members who have been invited to explore the themes of “the land” and “native”. The title of the Canadian exhibit is“Landmarks”. Some OGPC members will also have work in the “Red Ink” exhibit. It will be very exciting to share with printmakers from so many different cultural traditions.

I'll be in the “alternative” printmaking stream of the festival.

1. Presentation and Demonstration

Saturday March 16 at 11:30 at the Art College of Stroud.

2. Master Class in Eco Printing

Monday March 18, 2013 from 9:30 – 4:00 at Griffin Mill studio of the Gloucestershire Printmakers Co op in Stroud.

3. Meet The Artists “Landmarks”

(Wendy Feldberg and Mary Baranowski Lowden)

Wednesday March 20, Corinium Museum, Cirencester (Sched TBD)

4. Printing and Design Workshop based on “Landmarks

Dry point, roller and sponge effects, monoprint with printing press

Tuesday March 26, 2-4:30, Corinium Museum, Cirencester

For the IMPRESS festival details:

www.gpchq.org.uk (“IMPRESS” tab)

For info about the symposium, classes and workshops:


Ottawa Gatineau Printmakers’ Connective exhibits etc. at IMPRESS

– “Landmarks” at the Corinium Museum, Cirencester


– “Red Ink” at the Gloucester Cathedral Cloisters


Ottawa Gatineau Printmakers Connective artists at the IMPRESS festival:

Leigh Archibald

Wendy Feldberg

Diedre Hierlihy

Mary Baranowski Lowden

Rosemarijn Oudejans

Debra Percival

Lynda Turner

My work at the festival:

Next posts:

Updates to previous posts and to my plant page, plus a new page about copyright!


18 thoughts on “O To Be Eco Printing In England!

  1. Have a wonderful time in England – I wish I could be at one of your classes. Thanks for sharing your sumac eco-prints. I just retrieved a bucket full of trimmings from a sumac tree down the street from me and trying to figure out the best way to go about whittling up the bark.Can’t wait for summer to try eco-printing with the leaves.

  2. So beautiful!!! We have many in NH so I will have to give it a go. Laura Happy workshop.

    Wabi sabi

  3. Hi Wendy, Wishing you a good journey to the UK and a happy and successful trip to our shores. I live a little far away to travel up to see you but look forward to reading about your visit via your blog. I used to love visiting the Corinium Museum with my children…

  4. Great exposure and success. Gloucestershire of undulating landscapes is stunning. The little town Stroud I been there for a few times. Wish I were there to learn from you. Surely will keep an eye on your blog.

  5. Thanks so very much, Terrie! Although England is my native land, I do not know this area as well as I know the North. I look forward to new adventures there


  6. Wow Wendy your work is awesome ,my DS a Canadian living in England sent me here, she knows I would love your work:):). Well have a wonderful time back home and I’m going to explore a little more of this wonderful blog. thanks so much for sharing..

  7. Did you use iron with those sumac leaves? I’ve just gotten yellow splotches with them so far. I love how the prints are both blue, green, orange all in the same piece!

  8. Hi Pia,

    No, no iron. I used alum acetate as a mordant, pre soak for the watercolour paper., a couple of days, if I remember. These sumac leaves were gathered in the fall in October. The other leaves in the print are chokecherry. Each of these make their contribution to the colours obtained, I find. In the earlier summer, the sumac leaves are definitely more yellow-green than this colour in the fall. I made a mirror print with this leaf – the other print was rich green. It will also depend on which side of the leaf is in contact with the paper, how close the paper is to the source of heat and how long you process the bundle…of course you know these things about the variables. Do not forget that the Real Thing is more accurate than the photo on the web. I used the iPad edit to enhance the photo. Even so, the colours are pretty true.
    Good luck

    1. Yes, we were spectacularly well presented in the IMPRESS festival and spectacularly well represented by the chosen Ottawa-Gatinea artists, also. It was a very impressive line-up of printmakers spread over 40 different venues. Mary and I had many different opportunities – around the area I was able to speak about and teach my printmaking techniques as well as to exhibit the work several times. Despite the absolutely dastardly cold, windy and sleety weather, we had a fabulous time in the Stroud area meeting so many talented and generous artists from the UK and internationally. This was a real sharing community of the arts!The catalogue alone is wonderful. Thanks to all especially Tricia Henry the Chair of the organising committee


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