October prints from the Subasio

So mostly photos today showing my experiments with the regional plants of the Subasio. My printing setup is a tad on the ghetto side which is what I had predicted and had planned to cooperate with. The first few prints had way too much steam puffed at them so came out rather watery. An iron wash (ferrous sulphate painted on the wimpy bits) brought out the lines and new colours. So far, I have obtained a multitude of yellows and not a few blues (from dogwood berries and blackberries) plus pinky purples from pomegranate seed juice. Browns, tans, rusts are coming along as the days of October draw closer to the end of the month and the leaves begin to turn colour. Good old cotinus gave a tad of blue, too!


Here are the pics from the first two weeks of textile prints ( prints on paper coming soon – they are being worked into Artist Books. I must say I have my work cut out for me to complete the projects I had intended to do…the “distractions” are many…so let us start with a few of them before we get down to eco/enviro print buisiness:

Brunellschi's Dome (Il Duomo) in nearby Florence:




Mount Subasio view:


Assisi with pilgrims:


Studio visitor:


Fuzzy photo, sorry: Balckberry leaves and fruit, cotinus, oak and iron:


Detail of above:


Juglans regia (European walnut) on the Studio's vintage sheets:


Cornus sanguinea (Dogwood) leaves and berries with dried Sunflowers:


Cotinus coggygria (Smokebush), dogwood berries and iron on cotton:

Cotinus, pomegranate, dogwood berries and leaves on vintage cotton:


The cotton collection:


Silk organza soaking up the rust juice from the rust-printed papers; white wine vinegar at 6% acid on rusty iron bits,


The iron mordanted silk organza (from home) with cotinus and dogwood (berries):

Others in the silk organza collection:


With pomegranate and dogwood berries:

Random print: blue from dogwood berries, yellows from the leaves, browns too.


Next time:

Eco printed papers for Artist Books and prints on vintage handwoven linen from the monthly flea market in Assisi. Could not resist the linen…


Pax et Bonum to all my readers- the beautiful Franciscan blessing




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