Subasio Eco Prints on Paper



Due to my extreme KLUTZINESS , I have posted my November 10th blog entry today down on October 14 (see below) as an “Update”.  I am afraid to mess with it in case I lose the post…so if you would like to see pics of my work in our show in Assisi, it is down in October 14!

To recover my wits and your esteem, I am posting a second entry today also – – correctly, I hope.

Here begins a series of posts showing eco prints of European Walnut, Olive, Blackberry, Dogwood, Sloe, False Acacia, Elder, Grape, Oak and others; on watercolour papers of various types and origins; using plants foraged on the higher levels of the Subasio near Assisi in Umbria; printed at the Arte Studio Ginestrelle in my outdoor “lab” accompanied at various stages by Guardian Cats along with passing wild boars, Black Scorpions, baby vipers, large porcupines, hares,  P1120628magpies, jays, butterflies and colourful moths.









Above: Elder with blackberry










Above: Dogwood with iron.










Above: Dogwood with iron and blackberry.










Above: Sumac with iron.











Above: Dogwood with sumac and iron.










Above: European Walnut with Blackberry











Above: Walnut with iron.










Above: Dogwood with iron.










Above: Dogwood, iron, Blackberry










Above: Walnut










Dogwood, Blackberry, iron, Fennel










Cotinus coggygria (Smokebush).

More next time!




9 thoughts on “Subasio Eco Prints on Paper

  1. Loving seeing these and imagining the foraging and outdoor lab with companions! WIll attempt to access the post before this one that you said was in an Oct 14 post.. looks like such a great adventure and fine job. Congrats on the exhibit..You’ll likely have to go back there to get the pieces..the postal service being what it is!!

    1. Thanks, Ginny.
      I am sorry we cannot return in time for the show in Assisi. We will have to trust the postal,service!
      We are moving this weekend, anyway, so I expect to be occupied with things other…


  2. Thanks for showing that interesting Details!
    Next summer I will try some eco print by myselfe , an am glad to find such good Information.

    I like yor works
    sorry for my poor English


    1. Thank you, Ms. Rosendame!

      You can ecoprint in winter, also, if you are interested. I ask my florist for the plants he puts in the garbage. He is happy to give them for free!

      Thanks for your visit


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