Dear Reader,

This post finds me typing very stiffly indeed.

Last week ( foolish me, with a mind having made appointments my body should not have kept when moving boxes in our new dwelling) I injured my Sword and Pen arm via a pinched nerve in the neck, at C5 to be exact. OOOO ….tres painful. Right now, the only way I can lift my right arm is to pick it up with my left. (It's kinda funny to see. )

I have also found, to my surprise and gratification, that many of my friends and family members now have many medical degrees between them that I had heard no previous mention of until this pinched nerve.

Readers, you will, I hope understand if I am slow to blog this month as well as last (the month of our decampment from the old house to the next one. )

Even Christmas dinner 2013 might end up Italian takeout ..(hmmm, there could be benefits to this situation…)

Needless to say, no art done but I do have pics from the ecoprinting sessions I carried out in October at Mount Subasio, Umbria.


No more words, just a few pics. Gonna let you guess the plants and pigment sources.







The papers became pages for some of these books:


Season's blessings to all my readers.