Dear Reader,

This post finds me typing very stiffly indeed.

Last week ( foolish me, with a mind having made appointments my body should not have kept when moving boxes in our new dwelling) I injured my Sword and Pen arm via a pinched nerve in the neck, at C5 to be exact. OOOO ….tres painful. Right now, the only way I can lift my right arm is to pick it up with my left. (It's kinda funny to see. )

I have also found, to my surprise and gratification, that many of my friends and family members now have many medical degrees between them that I had heard no previous mention of until this pinched nerve.

Readers, you will, I hope understand if I am slow to blog this month as well as last (the month of our decampment from the old house to the next one. )

Even Christmas dinner 2013 might end up Italian takeout ..(hmmm, there could be benefits to this situation…)

Needless to say, no art done but I do have pics from the ecoprinting sessions I carried out in October at Mount Subasio, Umbria.


No more words, just a few pics. Gonna let you guess the plants and pigment sources.







The papers became pages for some of these books:


Season's blessings to all my readers.



23 thoughts on “OOPS!

  1. Hi Wendy. So sorry about the pinched nerve. They are not pleasant. I do like looking at these Subasio prints. WOn’t guess but will enjoy..I, too have had a physical mishap which has left my left knee and entire calf looking like the colors in your prints..I may actually post the colors soon..contusions and abrasions 101..but inspiring colors!

    1. Hope you are better, too, arlee! Thank you for the good wishes. I remember as a kid my father would apply hot kaolin poultices on our chests when we got a bead cough or chest infection. It was pure white clay you bought at the drugstore (“chemist”) He heated the can of clay in water then applied a dollop of it to flannelette to make a sandwich and then put that on the chest area. He also doctored us with other avaialble remedies like warm olive oil on cotton wool plugs for earache, oil of cloves for toothache, more hot kaolin poultices for septic fingers (to draw out the pus), permanganate of potash crystals ( a gorgeous wine colour) for a kind of topical disinfectant or antibiotic, lots of other plants and minerals in the medicine cabinet…Indeed maybe those plants of ours DO hold remedies…I bet the First Nations peoples used plants ot reduce the inflammation in pinched nerves..Does anyone know?

  2. Ooh, poor Wendy! I know exactly how that feels. Excruciating! I even have a permanent numb area on my finger thanks to a pinched nerve in my neck more than 12 years ago. Take care and get better soon!

  3. So inspired by your works!! So sorry for the injury! Suffered same injury moving four years ago. Same symptoms…chiropractic was my decision, and am completely healed today. Take care and walk when you can. Short stints of ice, and walking ten minutes each was the treatment. Take it slow and your body will respond to your care. Your paper is beautiful!!! Now take time for your body! We want to see more photos in the future. Thank you. merry Christmas!!

    1. Sweet of you, Velma! I am looking forward to more websurfing than usual…can being grounded thus be ALL bad? See you on Wake Robin! And you must make it up here in person one day!


  4. I hope that you are soon feeling much so you can enjoy Christmas whether it be turkey or Italian! May 2014 be happy and healthy for you.

  5. so sorry to hear about your injury. Hope you have a speedy recovery. Your paper prints are inspiring and kind of you to share. Happy New Year.

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