A Marginally Noted Man

Dear blog readers!

Today, something really exciting but not about eco printing! instead, I have invited my friend, Anne Shmelzer tell us about her first novel.

My debut novel, A Marginally Noted Man – a tale that delves into the traumatizing past of a WWI veteran – is now published through Railway Creek Books Canada where it can be purchased in print or ebook formats on Amazon, Apple and Kobo by using the purchase links at railwaycreekbooks.ca. I am very honoured that the book has been endorsed by Col Rakesh Jetly, Chief Psychiatrist for the Canadian Armed Forces, who said:

“Anne Shmelzer displays an acute understanding of the warfare experience. She shines a light on the early emergence of PTSD and creates a vivid image of Will Nicol’s internal struggle to regain his mental health. From the battlefields of the Western Front to his reintegration into society, A Marginally Noted Mantakes us on an emotional journey that is difficult to put down. This is a great read!”

A Marginally Noted Man tells the story of Will Nicol who returns to Hastings County to rebuild his life after the horrific aftermath of war on the Western Front and to seek comfort in the arms of his widowed niece. With Leah by his side, Will attempts to banish the memories that have scarred his mind and body, and continue to plague him. But as he continues to struggle to reconcile his status as a war hero with the traumatizing memory that he can’t contain, Will soon realizes that to regain his sanity he must come to terms with the past. Together with his comrade-in-arms, Michael Isaacs, Will returns to the scene of a fateful mission to confront his guilt and unburden his mind.

I do hope you take the time to read A Marginally Noted Man and enjoy the story as much as I loved writing it. If you would be so inclined, please leave a note on Amazon, Kobo or Apple telling me what you thought. It would mean a great deal to me to see your review.

I would also like to invite you to my book signings, which are taking place:

I would love to see you there!

Thank you for reading and your support. And, please feel free to pass this email along to other friends and family who may be interested in reading A Marginally Noted Man or attending one of the book signings.

May we find Shalom, peace in our time.



About wendyfe

I am an artist working in mixed media textiles and Artists' Books with a focus on vintage cloth reworked with stitching, natural dyeing, eco printing and rust printing . My work can be seen at www.wendyfeldberg.ca.
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