From Byopia Press: How To Make A Heart Bookmark

Dear Threadborne followers and readers, 

Welcome all! And may I extend new year greetings to you, even if it is already February. My first post of the year is a reblog from Cathryn at Byopia Press. Cathryn tells us how to make some sweet things for Valentine’s Day. You will find some really interesting stuff there, especially about the Book Arts.

 I’m unable to give time to new work of my own right now because my Beloved is very ill with adrenal cancer and requires a lot of care at home.I hope I will be able to post better news about Shlomo next month. If you are praying folk, do please spare a prayer for us. 

You know I love to make and write about my passions but for a while, I will perhaps concentrate  on fattening up some of those skinny pages on the menu bar above since I cannot get my head into artmaking just yet. The writing will be my art therapy. 

Having said that, I have to tell you that Shlomo, despite all,  not only got his head into making art, but his hands, too. Today, he and Dylan our 6 year old grandson, made a three-branched candleabra. A fitting oeuvre for the week past in which Candelmas was celebrated.  Sorry for the  blurry pic – first time doing that with the iPad camera into a post. 

A la prochaine, mes amis/amies




49 thoughts on “From Byopia Press: How To Make A Heart Bookmark

  1. So sorry to hear about Shlomo’s cancer. My thoughts and prayers are with you both. Art is good therapy, especially with grandchildren – I love the candleabra!


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  2. If you need help navigating clinical trials, I’d be happy to help. I don’t know Shlomo’s staging so I don’t even know if those thoughts are appropriate. But with some of the rare cancers, trials are a reasonable way to go if surgery isn’t an option. Susan (who sent an email offering prayers via your simpatico address)


  3. Your focus is where it should be at this time! We can wait. You have given freely of youself to others, and now it is time to care for your family. Build hope, love and family moments with your creativity in the coming months. I love the candlabra, may it bring light into the new year for you all. Sending prayers for your beloved.

  4. Hoping things are looking better by now, and I have my fingers crossed for both of you! Thanks so much for posting the heart bookmark: you probably have no idea how world-wide your admirers are and how diligently they follow you!

    I would have sent a personal email back, but I had a massive email crash and your address is no longer on file.

    All the best wishes I can think of,


  5. I have been visiting your site for some time and your wonderful work keeps arriving on my virtual desk like the tides come to shore and am wondering how things are going for you. I know only too well what it is to have a sick husband and truly sympathise. We had a true miracle.I trust and pray that my message finds you and yours in better health and spirits. Thank you for your wonderful work. I’ve just been doing some eco printing based on your advice here. Many blessings. Ann

      1. It has largely been a ‘setting up’ year after a monster house move. I’ve done a lot of champing at the bit as far as art-making’s concerned!

  6. Stopping by to wish you a bit of love. Brush away the darkness and breathe in deeply. Hold him in you arms and give him your strength. Where there is love, there is light. Take care.

  7. Thank you, Ann! I have been writing “ANNIS” because my eyes could not distinguish the capital I of your last name! I need cataract surgery – yet one more annoyance of the ageing body…

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