Natural Inspirations

I am back! I had to cut my recent “Happy Canadian Thanksgiving” post off shortish because I was having a pain of a time with an older and clunkier WP editor …now I have discovered my error and am trying this editing platform direct from WP. So far, so good!

The point is: I can never be too thankful! When I find myself a tad stuck, I can look at the inspiration in the colours of the fall fruit market ( which harvest, BTW, is so abundant and tasty this year after our miserably hot summer – the peaches, o my…), and of course, never forgetting my fall garden:

Inspiring to see these same colours used with abandon by my eight year old grandson. We used old map paper that he painted, then folded to make an Origami wallet:

As I mentioned in my ( very recent) post, Stash Busting can be a source of inspiration, too.

Do you, like me, have a hoard of UFO’s, WIPs or project left-overs that you cannot bear to throw out and which you promise yourself will find New Life one day?

I have been working on that Sacred Stash all year, opening up boxes and repacking them with my new ideas of versions of future projectsToday, I share just one current set of little works that actually seems to be happening beyond the sketch stage. I have gathered up some of my earliest eco prints from my 2011, stash, done on heavy water colour paper, and have cut them to small book-page size, created signatures and covers and now have begun assembling them in a Coptic stitch binding as little “BOTANICA” books with printed signature wrappers and plain papers for artwork.

I am pleased that the pigments are still vibrant in many of the prints, though some yellows have deepened to golds or browns. The prunus cistena and acer palmatum greens still display well, as does the coreopsis orange-red. The alnus was brown- tan from the beginning and the prunus virgininia will never fade from the dark black-brown. The ginkgo is still bright yellow as it was when printed.

I have used the iPad basic editor on the photos, BTW, but not too fancy. Take a look:

Even so, the editing does not do justice to the range of natural pigments one can appreciate with the naked eye. BTW, my OOPS there was an overtight coptic stitching with waxed linen thread that was too thick. I have about five of these little treasures – I am hoping the Art Gallery of Ottawa will take them for their boutique!

Next time, more stash-busting

Have a great weekend



15 thoughts on “Natural Inspirations

  1. Hi Wendy, I really enjoy reading your blog. And it is good to know you are doing fine. I would like to let you know that I have a good harvest of Japanese Indigo seeds( the third generation of your seeds) this year, so if you would like some for next spring I will be very glad to send you some.

    Happy Thanks Giving!

    Isabelle ________________________________ De : Threadborne Envoyé : 6 octobre 2018 16:16 À : Objet : [New post] Natural Inspirations

    wendyfe posted: “I am back! I had to cut my recent “Happy Canadian Thanksgiving” post off shortish because I was having a pain of a time with an older and clunkier WP editor …now I have discovered my error and am trying this editing platform direct from WP. So far, so”

    1. Isabelle, that would be wonderful! I have not grown any for the last three years – so it is time! I am very pleased to know the seeds I sent have been so faithful! Thank you for the kind thoughts

  2. I’m so pleased to see you back! And what a wonderful way to use the prints. I’m inspired to use some of mine and really wish I had used better paper for them . . . lesson learned!

    1. Yes, Ms Late Start, I have felt the same way about some of the clothes I have sewn in the past! But unlike the clothes, you can rescue the poor papers by adhering them either to rice paper/ mulberry paper or thin cloth like silk habotai or cotton. Use wheat paste as an adhesive or corn starch ( loads of recipes on the web)

  3. Hi Wendy, Thanks for your latest offering. I love those books. Do you live in a market? Just wondering as you said you can look at the lovely colours when you get stuck with something….. We are enjoying the beginning of Spring now here in the far SE of South Australia, I live on the Great Australian Bight, and your nasturtiums are beautiful.

    1. Hi Vivienne! I live near an open air market and I do find the colours and shapes inspiring. As with any natural beauty, beauty that feeds and consoles, then it does its quiet work on your spirit, raising it up again…spring in Oz and fall in Canada, they each do their nurturing

  4. Welcome back Wendy – autumn is my favourite month too! Your books look great – I’m sure they will find some willing buyers. I don’t dare go through my stash – maybe in the new year! 😉

    1. Thank you, Kim. I have decided to donate the kits to a gofundme for blankets for First Nations people this winter, those living in appalling conditions up north. I will update my blog , FB, etc re this cause. And if it works for fundraising, I have loads more stuff in the studio – never gonna live long enough!!!

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