Art for Aid

Dear Readers,

Would you like to receive an art kit made up of decorated papers from my mighty stash?

You can receive an art kit as my sincere and free thank-you if you donate to Art For Aid!

Read about the work of this organisation and learn how you can donate:

My Art My Aid

I am donating my Stash-Bust art kits this winter to any of my readers who makes a small donation to help buy mylar blankets through the Art For Aid organisation. The blankets will be sent to remote First Nations communities in Canada where substandard housing is all-too common and proper heating extremely difficult to achieve. You can help FN communities bust the cold this winter!

The kits I have assembled ( with help from two artist friends) come in small, medium or large sizes depending on the number of pieces included. Each kit contains a selection of (almost all) my own decorated papers along with an occasional printed and/or stitched textile, made in various ways and for various purposes: ecoprints, paste paper, inkjet prints, etchings, watercolours, paint/stitch trials, painty-doodle-experiments. Every item in every kit is unique. They are priced at $5, $10 or $15 each depending on the number of papers in the kit: 10, 20 or 30 items. Here is a photo of some of the kits:

You can use the kit contents for many of your fave mixed media art projects. How about for collage, Artist Books, origami, journal pages, hanging scrolls, ATCs, Round Robins, Exquisite Corpse projects, Mail-Art?…Mix and match the kit contents with your own supplies…use the papers as art-starters or prompts for your own work… swap kit items with a friend…buy a few kits to use as supplies for your own workshops or for a Play Day with artist buddies…check out paint and colour effects and see if they inspire you to try your own…make up kits of your own from your own Hallowed Stash!

How do you get your kit?

Better hurry – I have made up 36 kits for this round. (But if the project goes well, I will make more – the stash has barely a dent in it…)

This is how it works for you to receive your kit:

You donate by going to Art For Aid site.

You reserve your kit by telling me what amount you plan to donate and what size of kit you’d like ( kit quantities are limited)

Then you confirm your donation by emailing me when you have donated; at the same time, you provide me with your mailing address.

And I get that kit in the mail to you ( fingers crossed, no postal strike) PDQ. ( See below for email info etc. ):

How to donate:

Go to the Programmes tab on the website and choose the mylar blanket programme.

Follow the links on the Art For Aid “Programmes” page to make the donation.

If you plan to donate:

Send me an email at  wendy(dot)feldberg(at)sympatico(dot)ca with your name and mailing address, and the amount you plan to donate to Art For Aid. Then I can set aside your kit until I hear from you that you have donated.

Choose a suggested amount: $5 ( a selection of ten items) gets you a small kit, $10 ( a selection of 20 items) a middle size kit; and $15 ( a selection of 30 items) a large one. Of course you can donate as much as you like for a kit of any size.

Confirm your donation and provide your address

I will send you your kit(s) when I receive from you the confirmation that your donation has been made and when you email me your mailing address.

Kit availability

At the moment, I have 36 kits available. So you do need to contact me to reserve your kit BEFORE you donate to check that kits are still available this time around. If there is sufficient interest, and I run out of kits, I will employ some artist friends as speedy kitmaking helpers.

FYI about Colleen Gray, founder of Art For Aid.

Colleen is a working artist. She often finances the shipping of supplies to First Nations up north with the sales of her own art. So I am doing likewise. Last time I donated to Art For Aid was thirty boxes of art supplies that my Beloved had used well and had held on to for many a year before he died.

This has been my stash busting report!

Thank you for taking the time to read this post and thank you in advance for your generosity. I posted on FB tonight and got a few orders! Hooray!

Email me if you have any questions. I am on FB too, so you can PM me there or post on the blog.

My next post(s) will continue my reports on making art colours with two local plants – coreopsis and buckthorn. I have lots to tell you about these two and lots of pics.

Let’s end with another few pics of examples of what’s inside those kits: :

12 thoughts on “Art for Aid

  1. I’ve never used Go Fund Me, and I’ve heard horrible stories about these efforts. But I trust you because we share a love of plants, a creative drive, and the joys of having loved well. I will send an email with the code and amount. No one should have to be cold and hungry in this world of plenty. I feel very blessed to be neither. I hope you have to make many more packets!

    1. Thank you for bringing this up, Susan, and giving me the opportunity to check that out with Colleen Gray, founder of Art For Aid. She tells me that she knows and trusts the folks who are running this particular GFM and that things are working very well so far. Still, it is true that there are deadbeat scammers out there. Let us overcome them with the good stuff we choose to do.

  2. Thank you so much, Susan! I did not know about GoFundMe issues but I know that so far Colleen Gray has used it with success for her work. We live in hope of trust in one another, that this project is a good investment and that impoverished FN people who get your donation will be made all the richer by your expression of care for them, not only by the practical gift of a warming blanket.

    1. Will mail your kit tomorrow, Mary! I want to thank you so very much. FYI: the Canadian postal service is in rotating strike mode but at the moment, It is the east coast ( Halifax) that is affected. I will let my readers know if there is any hold up likely in the Ottawa area. What a time to choose to launch this project! But there are legions of angels out there to help..

  3. Thank you, Liz! I am really excited about the response so far after just one day. And I am learning a lot stuff about how to manage online fundraising!

  4. Hi Wendy What a super idea to donate your stash while supporting Art for Aid. Aren’t they a great organisation? I’d love to donate, and I’d love to receive one of your kits. However I think the postage to Australia will make this a bit prohibitive. Can you let me know if there are kits still available and if postage is doable.( I would donate to cover this – would that work?) Blessings Maidi Murphy

    Sent from Mail for Windows 10

  5. Hi Wendy, I would like to donate to your Art for Aid project.

    What a wonderful, generous gesture you are making in this ’art stash’ offer.

    Will follow up later today, have to work now, but will follow up today. Thank you, Tina >

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