Stash Textiles: UnBorne Art

I have often found inspiration for new work right in my  own studio, in my  stash of unfinished,  forgotten, just- started or otherwise abandoned work.  I periodically take a new look at what I  have accumulated. I look for ways to refashion fragments into a new whole. I just play and experiment, open to hearing the Voice of new work . Sometimes I invite another artist to look at the stash with me. It is always amazing what impressions another pair of eyes will form.

Digital print (original) on silk organza over wax-crayon printed cotton; free machine embroidery.

Fragment : 8″ x 8″

This page is about my textile experiments many of which end up in my stash. Maybe I will complete them as art textiles,  maybe someone else will for whom they could be like vintage textiles that have come from somewhere else, bringing  layers of memory with them. My stash is helpful in many ways because it provides me with a practical record of  work attempted and can inspire the next work, too.

Many of the processes shown here have found their way into finished works so where possible, I point to these on my website

In January 2010 I sent two dozen small fragments of my Stash Wannabes to the Montreal Centre for Contemporary Textiles in response to a call for their exhibiting artists to donate art to auction during the annual Mois de la Fibre, a  fibre arts festival all across the City of Montreal. In return, besides receiving a nice little charity receipt for income tax purposes,  the work displayed at the auction was written up in Vie Des Arts, a great arts mag. Not the least effect of this small, quick project was its catalytic effect on my new genre , fibre art from the vintage textiles stashed in my studio, patiently awaiting rebirth. Sifting through the fragments, choosing candidates for the auction  turned, out to be inspiring. I went on from there to create whole new artworks from the fragments in my stash. See some examples

Here are some more of the  8″ x 8″ fragments I donated to the Montreal Centre  for Contemporary Textiles:

Free machine embroidery on wax-crayon printed pellon; netting.

Trapped threads in layers of painted silk organza

Vintage kimono silk fragments trapped in layers of silk organza.  See art incorporating this process at

Painted fusible web on silk habotai


Painted fusible web on fine cotton; free machine embroidery

Leaf prints on fine cotton.

See art incorporating this process at

Acrylic painted fusible web; free machine embroidery; netting

Foil fragments under netting on machine-felted wool

See art incorporating this process

Disperse dye (AKA transfer paint) print on crushed synthetic velvet. 

 See art incorporating this process


Another example of disperse dye print on synthetic velvet.

Disperse dye print on satin polyester. The brilliant colours emerge best on synthetics. Layering and shading  effects are the characteristic of this printing- with -dye method. 

See art incorporating this process


2 Responses to Stash Textiles: UnBorne Art

  1. Laura Smith says:

    thank you for sharing your techniques and your spirit so freely. Lovely, evocative work.

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