Eco Printing Processes

Watch this space for the How To’s of eco printing! Coming soon!


3 Responses to Eco Printing Processes

  1. Laura Linton says:

    Do fresh indigo leaves ECO print? I have ten plants that need to be harvested today; killing frost tonight! Do I freeze or dry. If the fresh leaves cannot be printed but would be used in an indigo vat; how should I handle them; freeze or dry? Any comments or suggestions?

    • wendyfe says:


      Great questions that I cannot answer if the indigo you are growing is I. indigofera. Check the FB page The Wild Dyery and see who know about that source of indigo. I am planning to do the same thing. We had a killing frost in Ottawa last night but the Indigo indigofera has survived in its pot another tree. Do you have Persocaria tinctoria (Japanese indigo) I harvested them last week and they are drying now. Yes, you can use these latter plants fresh for a quick dye by mashing them in a blender- see my posts that have refs re how to do that, esp. check Isabella Whitworth’s excellent How To essay can alo use these leaves dried but they give less colour. Some have frozen them, not sure of their results. Try all the processes ( Why not?) and keep good notes. You still have time to do the full indigo bath, see Jenny Dean’s Wild Colour for grrrreat info and well as my much- less expert info on my blog, Good luck, Linda, and tell us your results

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