Botanical Scrolls – continued

Some more images of the “Forest Floor ” scrolls.

Sweet Gum Scroll


Detail of Sweet Gum with Seeded Eucalyptus companion



Eucalyptus Scroll – details



Another Eucalyptus Scroll


Sweet Gum Scroll (above) – idetail, with Eucalyptus Cinerea


I like the idea that a scroll is a handmade repository of knowledge and experience, viewable as a cumulative whole that can display from the start to the finish of the record.

In an odd way, scrolls remind me of favourite childhood comic books where you could take in every phase of the visual narrative in one look if you chose, images and text. Or a whole page of a text if you are speed reading, looking at the arrangement of written marks as a you might look at an image whose meaning you want to discover.





Botanical Scrolls

For my show “Forest Floor” I have created a series of botanical “scrolls” with eco printed fabrics. Each scroll displays Latin plant names stitched alongside printed and gold foiled leaves. Here are some of the scrolls:

Sweet Gum Scroll



Eucalyptus Scroll detail


Another Eucalyptus Scroll


Blackberry Scroll detail



Japanese Maple and Smokebush Scroll with details


Cotinus (Smokebush)


Geranium Scroll.

The orangey colour comes from lichen – parmelia saxatilis.


Another Sweet Gum Scroll – detail. Eucalytpus companions.